Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Cistopedia continues to expand

After only three years, Cistopedia has arrived as a useful research tool on the web. Started as a labor of love with no financial resources, it has pioneered the internet epoch in Cistercian Studies. Today, 340 Cistercian Sites are catalogued in the monasticon department. Around 50 monastic or theological terms are defined in the lexicon section, and Cistopedia makes it easy to access more than 100 online library catalogues in more than 30 countries. Dozens of people have helped: monks, nuns, scholars, enthusiasts from 11 countries. Since the Bernardines of Esquermes joined up, Cistopedia can attest to working with almost all the branches of the Cistercian family. Congratulations!
New editors and authors are always welcome.

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