Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

New Research on Cistercian Space and Borders

Recent research under the direction of Emilia Jamroziak (University of Leeds) places emphasis on the dynamics of Cistercian space. The novel thing about her work is that she does not study liturgical, but social space. For example, Jamroziak and her colleagues have discovered the abbatial residence as an indicator of the monasteries' role in the public sphere and the abbot's role as the community's representative to groups outside the monastery. The abbot's residence is not part of the classic Cistercian abbey plan, yet almost every important medieval Cistercian monastery had such a residence, often combined in some way with the abbey hospital and / or guest house. Abbatial residences were later translocated into the monastic enclosure, near the rooms of the other monks. But in the early centuries of the Order's history, the abbot lived seperately and in come cases rather splendidly. Another of Jamroziak's research interests is the interaction between monks and laity in the Late Middle Ages. Key terms for these new avenues of study are: Memory, locality, networks. Visit her site on for valuable research ideas.

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